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Buff up your stretching program in 2019

Maybe you have a current stretching program that was put together years ago or you are thinking about implementing a brand-new program. Pre-shift stretching programs and Take 5 stretching programs are key components to a company’s overall wellness and safety program. Some benefits of developing a quality stretching program for your employee’s are as follows:

  1. Reduces fatigue and increases blood supply and nutrients to joints and soft tissue
  2. Increases muscle fiber elasticity
  3. Increases joints synovial fluid allowing improved mobility and can increase a joint's range of motion
  4. Decreases tightness on muscles and tendons
  5. Improves muscular balance and posture
  6. Reduces pain and disability
  7. Improves self-worth

Please contact OccuCare at or 1-833-858-9946 to learn more about how we can help your company buff up your stretching program in 2019.

OccuCare ( is an industry leader in providing companies with comprehensive injury prevention programs. This includes: On-Site Early Intervention, Post-Offer Employment Testing (POETs), Job Demands Analysis, Stretching Programs, and Ergonomics. OccuCare’s highly trained clinicians have dozens of years of combined experience in treating the injured worker and providing companies with comprehensive injury prevention programs that reduce workers' compensation claims costs.

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