Injured employee holding ankle while sitting on ground

Most Common Workplace Injuries Going into the New Year

Steve Ziccarelli
Business Development Manager

In 2017, overexertion involving an outside source, falls on the same level, and falls to a lower level were the most common workplace injuries. These three causes collectively represent nearly 50% of the costs of the leading accidents in the 2017 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index.

According to the Safety Index, workplace injuries accounted for nearly $60 Billion in direct costs to U.S. Companies. This figure doesn't even consider the massive indirect costs of having to replace/reassign an employee with a workplace injury.

Of the $60 Billion, 23% or nearly $14 Billion, were attributed to overexertion involving outside sources which include lifting, holding, carrying, pushing, pulling and throwing. The good news is that these numbers are slightly down from 2016 where they attributed for 24.4% or nearly $15 Billion.

Moving into 2018, companies are looking to continue this downward trend and find additional solutions to reduce their risk and overall work related injuries.

Some of the top solutions on the market right now include:

Implementing these solutions can help to reduce ergonomic risks in some jobs, prevent early aches and pains from potentially turning into expensive injuries, and make sure the right employees are hired to fit physically demanding jobs. At OccuCare we have seen customers experience a savings as much as $15.00 for $1.00 spent on injury prevention solutions.

OccuCare has helped numerous companies reduce their workers' compensation costs by over 50%. To see how our injury elimination services can help your company reduce costs, please contact us at 833-858-9946 or email us at