Ergonomic Causation Analysis

Kim analyzing industrial equipment

Determine if an injury is or is not a work-related injury

Our certified ergonomists, industrial engineers, and licensed healthcare providers provide workplace analysis to determine if a musculoskeletal injury that is reported is or is not a work-related injury. Our skilled professionals will analyze a job and determine if risk factors are or are not present and provide a report to the employer, insurance company, physician, and/or attorney outlining if there is or is not medical causation associated with the reported work-related injury.

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Happy Clients Say

“OccuCare did an ergonomic analysis of areas in the factory. Pointed out how our factory layout affected people's body mechanics, which hadn't occurred to me or the team… we didn't have the eyes to see it, but OccuCare observed it. So, we redesign the layout to make it better.”

Paul S.

President, Specialty Cheese

Our Services

Industry experts using data-driven tools

  • On-site ergonomic analysis with employees and work stations
  • Off-site compilation of gathered data
  • Use of internationally recognized and evidence-based assessment tools
  • Using data to determine if there are risk factors associated with injuries
  • A high-level report outlining the results
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