On-Site Injury Prevention Benefits

In recent years companies have been adding on-site injury prevention services to help lower their company’s workers’ comp costs. It’s true companies who utilize on-site therapists have seen as much as a 100% reduction in workers’ compenstion cases within the first year of implementation. However, the benefits extend beyond this initial goal, and we have seen both our employer and employee benefit greatly.

At OccuCare Injury Prevention, our specialists work with employees in a dedicated space on-site and at their workstations to reduce and eliminate early signs and symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders while staying within OSHA first aid guidelines. We also provide training that helps employees identify musculoskeletal disorders' early signs and symptoms that are both work and non-work related.

When an employee reports discomfort, the on-site consultant will provide injury-reduction techniques and make recommendations and changes to reduce risk factors. Therefore, keeping them on the job longer and safer. Employees report a decrease in pain or discomfort in a short period of time. We average five visits per employee with a 50% reduction in reported discomfort all within the first 5 months of OccuCare utilization.

A typical session for any employee includes:

  • Evaluation by a therapist
  • Work-related OSHA first aid treatment and job coaching
  • Non-work-related therapy treatment for those with non-work-related injuries to decrease symptoms and improve function
  • If the employee requires medical care (i.e., a doctor or seeing a therapist for more comprehensive treatment or to be seen 2-3x/week) we will make that recommendation

We want to make sure our therapists are hitting goals for the companies and getting injured workers back to work safer and faster. Below is a sampling of statistics OccuCare has recorded for our customers so far this year.

Company Discomfort Reduction Average # of Visits Average Days to Close % Work-Related
Company A 66% 5.2 54.6 50%
Company B 50% 3.5 52 35%
Company C 44% 6.3 59.7 35%
Company D 37% 6 63.8 7%
Company E 45% 6.7 97.3 74%
Company F 56% 4.3 79.9 40%

The results these companies have seen have helped their employees exponentially. On average there was almost 50% pain reduction in 5.3 visits in 67 days, of which 60% of them were work-related injuries. That means from the moment the employee was seen by our team they were able to reduce their discomfort no matter how it came to be.

So, what does this mean for a company? Alleviating physical discomfort in an employee’s workday means they can return to work safer and faster for work-related and non-work-related injuries. The employees we see are so grateful and often view this service as a benefit their company is offering to better themselves. And in the long run, the companies save money with minimal interruption to production, no extra hiring, and positive employee retention.

Learn more about how your company can benefit from on-site injury prevention from OccuCare.