Tips To Help Ease Back Pain

Many people experience back pain at some time in their life. If you experience back discomfort keep in mind these eight tips to help ease the pain:

Sprain icon Management

Most back pain gets better gradually with home management.

Snow icon Ice

Ice the area that hurts for the first 48 hours after pain develops.

Heat/Cold icon Heat/Ice

After the first 48 hours, heat or ice can be used.

Capsule icon Medication

Over the counter anti-inflammatory medication may help.

Medicine icon Gels

Gels such as Biofreeze/Icy Hot can be rubbed on the hurting area.

Inflammation icon Massage

Massage may loosen up tight muscles. Place a tennis ball between the area that hurts and the wall. Slowly move your body and the tennis ball will massage the tight muscles.

Sprout icon Light Activities

Continue activities as much as you can. Try light activities such as walking and gardening.

Traffic icon Prevent Pain

Stop activities that increase pain but don’t avoid activities out of fear that it may hurt.